Christian Beauséjour , Ph.D.
    Christian Beauséjour
    Research Axis
    Immune Diseases and Cancer Axis
    Research Theme
    Cancers: mechanisms, new therapeutic approaches and disease outcomes
    CHUSJ - Centre de Recherche

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    • Associate professor, Département de pharmacologie et physiologie, Université de Montréal
    • Researcher, CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center


    • Scientist, Sangamo Biosciences, Californie, USA (2004-2005)
    • Post-doc, Berlex Biosciences, Californie, USA (2003-2004)
    • Post-doc, Berkeley National Laboratory, Californie, USA (2001-2003)
    • PhD, Pharmacologie, Université de Montréal (1996-2001)

    Research Interests

    His laboratory seeks to decipher the role cellular senescence plays in cancer treatments and on the proliferation/differentiation of stem cells. His laboratory also studies how to increase tissue repair using iPS and multipotent stromal cell-based therapies. Using technologies such as viral delivery and homologous recombination, we are looking to achieve a stable expression of therapeutic transgenes, which would enhance the regenerative capabilities of cell therapy.

    Research Topics

    • Mecanism of cellular senescence
    • Gene correction and gene transfer
    • iPSC technologies
    • Mouse models
    • Cell therapy


    1. Palacio L, Le O, Krishna V, Sharpless NE and Beauséjour CM. Sustained p16INK4a expression is required to prevent IR-induced tumorigenesis in mice. Oncogene 2016.
    2. Despars G, Carbonneau C, Bardeau P, Coutu D and Beausejour CM. Loss of the osteogenic differentiation potential during senescence is limited to bone progenitor cells and is dependent on p53. PLoS ONE  2013.
    3. Fortin A, Benabdallah B, Palacio L, Carbonneau C, Le O, Haddad E and Beausejour CM.  A soluble G-CSF decoy receptor as an alternative tool to alter hematopoietic cells homing and reconstitution. Stem Cell and Development. 2013.
    4. Benabdallah BF, Duval A, Rousseau J, Chapdelaine P, Holmes MC, Haddad E,  Tremblay JP and Beauséjour CM.  Targeted gene addition of microdystrophin in mice skeletal muscle via human myoblast transplantation. Molecular Therapy Nucleic Acids. 2013.
    5. Carbonneau C, Despars G, Shanti Rojas-Sutterlin, Fortin A, Le O, Hoang T and Beausejour CM.  Ionizing radiation-induced expression of INK4a/ARF in murine bone marrow-derived stromal cell populations interferes with bone marrow homeostasis. Blood. 2012.

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