Nicholas Chadi , M.D. , MPH
    Nicholas Chadi
    Research Axis
    Brain and Child Development Axis
    Research Theme
    Development of psychopathologies
    CHUSJ - Centre de Recherche


    • Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Université de Montréal Medical School (August 2019-)
    • Pediatrician, Division of Adolescent Medicine, CHU Sainte-Justine (August 2019-)
    • Pediatric Addiction Medicine Fellow, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School (2017-2019)


    • Master of Public Health, Clinical Effectiveness, Harvard School of Public Health (2019)
    • Pediatric Addiction Medicine Fellowship, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard medical School (2017-2019)
    • Fellowship in Global Journalism, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto (2016-2017)
    • Adolescent Medicine Subspecialty training, Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto (2015-2017)
    • Residency training, general pediatrics, CHU Sainte-Justine, Université de Montréal (2012-2015)
    • Undergraduate medical degree, McGill University (2012)

    Research Interests

    Dr. Chadi’s research focuses on the prevention and treatment of adolescent substance use disorders and specifically on problems related to tobacco, e-cigarette and marijuana addiction. His work also seeks to improve the understanding of the impacts of public policies, risk perceptions and personal beliefs on use of alcohol and drugs among adolescents. Dr. Chadi has studied the use of mindfulness-based interventions delivered either in person or through technology for the improvement of health and quality of life for adolescents with chronic medical problems including depression, anxiety and eating disorders.

    Research Topics

    • Adolescent risky behaviors
    • Eating disorders
    • Subsatnce use prevention
    • Nicotine and cannabis dependence
    • Mindfulness-based interventions
    • Qualitative and quantitative research
    • Public health

    Career Summary

    Dr. Chadi is a pediatrician and researcher specialized in adolescent and addiction medicine. In 2019, he became the first pediatrician in North America to complete a fellowship in pediatric addiction medicine. His clinical activities focus on the prevention and treatment of adolescent substance use disorders and on treatment of transgender youth and adolescents with mental health problems including eating disorders. Dr. Chadi is one of the two authors of the Canadian Pediatric Society guidelines on smoking prevention and cessation. A passionate advocate for the improvement of child and adolescent health, he often appears in regional and national media. 


    The CHAD Lab
    (Child and Adolescent Development Lab)

    Awards and Distinctions

    • 2017-2019, Research in Addiction Medicine Scholar Program, National Institute for Drug Abuse
    • 2018, Honorable Mention, Best Presentation, American Society of Addiction Medicine
    • 2017, Ruth Fox Scholar, American Society of Addiction Medicine
    • 2012, Provincial Leadership Award, Canadian Medical Association
    • 2012, Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec Award, McGill University
    • 2007-201, Millenium Scholarship Award

    Major Funding

    • Mind and Life 1440 Award (2015-2017): Randomized control trial comparing in-person vs eHealth delivery of a mindfulness-based intervention for adolescents with chronic illness


    1. N Chadi, S Levy, ER Weitzman. Marijuana-related beliefs in adolescents: Moving beyond perceived riskiness of marijuana use, College on Problems of Drug Dependence, San Antonio, TX, 2019 (poster presentation).
    2. N Chadi, G Li, N Cerda, E Weitzman. Adverse mental health outcomes in a nationally representative sample of high school students using e-cigarettes and marijuana. Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine Annual Meeting, Washington DC, 2019 (poster symposium)
    3. N Chadi, S Levy, L. Wisk, E Weitzman. Barriers to disclosure of substance use behaviors during school SBIRT in a cohort of middle and high school students in Massachusetts, Association for Medical Education and Research in Substance Abuse annual meeting, San Francisco, 2018 (poster presentation)
    4. N Chadi, M Kaufman, E Weisbaum, C Malboeuf-Hurtubise, SA Kohut, C Viner, J Locke, D Vo. In-person vs eHealth mindfulness intervention for adolescents with chronic medical conditions, Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting, Toronto, 2018 (poster presentation)
    5. N Chadi, T Tulloch, Peering through the smoke: Update on Adolescent and Young Adult Smoking, American Society of Addiction Medicine Annual Meeting, San Diego, 2018 (workshop)

    Selected Publications


    1. N Chadi, S Levy (2019). What every pediatric gynecologist should know about marijuana use in adolescents, J Ped Adol Gyn, ePub ahead of print.
    2. N Chadi, S Hadland, SK Harris (2019). Understanding the implications of the “vaping epidemic” among youth, Substance Abuse Journal, ePub ahead of print.
    3. N Chadi, E Weisbaum, C Hurtubise-Malboeuf, SA Kohut, C Viner, N Palanyiyar, M Kaufman, J Locke, DX Vo (2019). In-person vs eHealth mindfulness-based intervention for adolescents with chronic illnesses: a pilot randomized trial, Adolescent Psychiatry, ePub ahead of print.
    4. N Chadi, G Li, N Cerda, ER Weitzman (2019). Depressive symptoms and suicidality in adolescents using e-cigarettes and marijuana: a secondary data analysis from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, Journal of Addiction Medicine, ePub ahead of print
    5. N Chadi, E Weisbaum, C Hurtubise-Malboeuf, SA Kohut, C Viner, M Kaufman, J Locke, DX Vo. Can the Mindful Awareness and Resilience Skills for Adolescents (MARS-A) program be provided online? Voices from the youth, Children, 2018 Aug 28;5(9)
    6. N Chadi, SM Bagley, SE Hadland (2018). Addressing Adolescents’ and Young Adults’ Substance Use Disorders, Medical Clinics of North America, 2018 Jul;102(4):603-620
    7. N Chadi, E Weitzman, S Levy (2018). Understanding the Impact of National and State Medical Marijuana Policies on Adolescents, Current Addiction Reports, 2018;5:93
    8. N Chadi, S Levy (2017). Understanding the Highs and Lows of Adolescent Marijuana Use, Pediatrics, 2017 Dec;140(6)
    9. N Chadi, S Carter, RPY Loung, M Gould, K Hick (2017). Nephrocalcinosis in a Young Male with Anorexia Nervosa, CEN Case Reports, 2017 Nov;6(2):164-168
    10.  J Harvey, N Chadi (2016). Preventing smoking in children and adolescents: Recommendations for practice and policy, Pediatrics and Child Health, 2016;21(4):209–214

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