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Clinical Research Units

Clinical research and knowledge transfer unit on childhood asthma (CRUCA)

Unit Presentation

The main goal of the Clinical and knowledge transfer research group on paediatric asthma is to improve health care services, the management, and treatment offered to children with asthma.

Asthma can be well controlled in all patients and allow an active life without limitation. Yet, many children in Quebec still suffer needlessly from poorly controlled asthma, despite the good practice guidelines, the availability of effective drugs, and free access to medical services.

In addition, several studies suggest that the control of asthma achieved in childhood influences the evolution of asthma during adulthood. It is thus essential to identify factors that help or prevent good asthma control during childhood and test novel ways to overcome them. The precise documentation of the asthma type and the level of control achieved during childhood and adolescence will allow the measurement of its long-term impact on adulthood. It is important to follow children until adulthood to determine their future health status.

Improvement in the management of children with asthma can be achieved through clinical research and research in knowledge transfer targeting the children, their family and the health care professionals.

The CURCA trains students at the master’s, doctoral and postdoctoral level to train new clinical researchers.

Granting organizations

The various projects of the CURCA research team are funded by the Canadian institutes of health research of Canada (CIHR), the Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec (FRSQ), the CHU Sainte-Justine foundation as well as pharmaceutical companies and private donors.



Membership and collaboration

Unit Clinicians

Robert Thivierge, MD
Pierre Gaudreault, MD
Caroline Chartrand, MD, MSc
And many other collaborators

Alexandrine J. Lamontagne
Research coordinator and master student in public health
514-345-4931 ext. 7243

Anab Lehr
Medical student
514-345-4931 ext. 2494

Annie Théoret
Administrative assistant to the Associate Director of clinical research (Pediatrics)
514-345-4931 ext. 7171

Bhupendrasinh Chauhan
Research coordinator
514-345-4931 ext. 4997

Francine Picotin
Research respiratory therapist
514-345-4931 ext. 3827

Garry Cormier
Research respiratory therapist
514-345-4931 ext. 3827

Marie-France Goyer
Assistant coordinator
514-345-4931, ext. 6196

Megan Jensen
Postdoctoral fellow
514-345-4931, ext. 2494

Valérie Bastien
Research assistant
514-345-4931 ext. 6061

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