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Clinical Research Units

Evaluative and Clinical Perinatal Research Unit (URCEP)

Unit Presentation

The URCEP is managed by Dr William Fraser and is comprised of researchers in obstetrics/gynecology and epidemiology in addition to research and administrative support personnel. This team is knowledgeable in all aspects of evaluative and clinical perinatal research. The URCEP aims to facilitate the development and realization of clinical and evaluative research projects based on complementary disciplinary perspectives, while ensuring research promotion and knowledge transfer to all contributors in the field of perinatal medicine. This mission is achieved through an environment promoting exchange and collaboration, the training of young scientists and the dissemination of research results.

Membership and collaboration

Barbara Torres
Financial Administrator
Ph.: 514-345-4931, ext. 5718

Isabelle Krauss
Administrative Coordinator
Ph.: 514-345-4931, ext. 3633

Significant clinical research publications

  1. American Journal of Obstetrics (suite de l’étude People sur le « delayed pushing ») Le Ray C, Audibert F, Goffinet F et Fraser W. « When to stop pushing : effects of duration of second-stage expulsion efforts on maternal and neonatal outcomes in nulliparous women with epidural analgesia. » Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2009 Oct;201(4):361.e1-7.
  2. Luo ZC, Liu JM et Fraser WD. « Large propective birth cohort studies on environmental contaminants and child health – goals, challenges, limitations and needs. » Medical Hypotheses. 2009 Sep 16. (Epub ahead of print) PMID: 19765909.
  3. Simonet F, Wilkins R, Labrache E, Smylie J, Heaman M, Martens P, Fraser WD, Minich K, Wu Y, Carry C et Luo ZC. « Primary birthing attendants and birth outcomes in remote Inuit communities – a natural “experiment” in Nunavik, Canada. » J Epidemil Community Health. 2009 Jul;63(7):546-51. PMID : 19286689
  4. Forges T, Monnier-Barbarino P, Leheup B et Jouvet P. « Pathophysiology of impaired ovarian function in galactosaemia. » Hum Reprod Update. 2006; 12(5): 573-584.
  5. Forges T, Monnier-Barbarino P, Guillet-May F, Faure GC et Béné MC. « Corticosteroids in patients with antiovarian antibodies undergoing in vitro fertilization: a prospective pilot study. » Eur J Clin Pharmacol. 2006 Sep;62(9):699-705.
  6. Forges T, Monnier-Barbarino P ,Alberto J.M. , Guéant-Rodriguez R.M. ,Daval J.L. et J.L. Guéant. « Impact of folate and homocysteine metabolism on human reproductive health. » Human Reproduction Update. 2007 13(3):225-238
  7. Sepaniak S, Forges T, Gerard H, Foliguet B, Béné MC et Monnier-Barbarino P. « The influence of cigarette smoking on human sperm quality and DNA fragmentation. » Toxicology. 223 (2006) 54–60

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