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Thursday, November 29 2012

Dr. Alain Moreau receives the first medal given by the Fondation Cotrel-Institut de France for his leadership role and transversal collaborative approach to research

Montreal, Quebec, November 30, 2012 – Dr. Alain Moreau has received the very first medal awarded by the Fondation Cotrel-Institut de France in acknowledgement of his leadership in the field of idiopathic scoliosis research and his exemplary transversal collaborative approach. “Today, we wish to honor not only the scientist, but also the individual. Your work and your way of perceiving it reflect the spirit of the Fondation Cotrel-Institut de France: sharing, communicating, experimenting, being inspired, opening doors, seeking out others, promoting transversality and dialogue,” declared Dr. Yves Cotrel in a speech given at the Foundation’s annual meeting in Paris.

“The seriousness of your research and its ambition are only equaled by your reputation as ‘the leading light in molecular genetics,’ a distinction you have acquired over the years,” he added to underscore Dr. Moreau’s innovative character. Dr. Moreau is the Assistant Director – Academic Affairs and a researcher at the Sainte-Justine University Hospital Research Center, the person responsible for research development at the Marie-Enfant Rehabilitation Center, and the Scientific Director, Genetics Research Axis, of the Quebec Scoliosis Network as well as a Full Professor in the Faculty of Dentistry (Department of Stomatology) and the Faculty of Medicine (Department of Biochemistry) at the University of Montreal.

Dr. Moreau has been honored four times by the Fondation Cotrel since he was awarded a research grant on the etiopathogenesis of idiopathic scoliosis for the first time in 2001. His projects were subsequently selected on three occasions, which makes him the Foundation’s top laureate to date.

About the Fondation Yves Cotrel-Institut de France
The Institut de France is home to the Fondation Yves Cotrel for research on spinal diseases. The Foundation’s mission is to coordinate, support and promote research both in France and abroad in the field of health, particularly spinal disorders. Dr. Yves Cotrel, the “doctor who’s straightened a million backs,” is now concerned with mobilizing researchers around the world toward finding a solution to the mysterious causes behind these spinal deformities.

About the Institut de France
The Institut de France, created in 1795 as a patron and protector of the arts, literature and science, is made up of five Academies, including the Academy of Science. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions in the world, providing sponsorship and managing donations and bequests. For two centuries now, it has managed foundations and awarded prizes as part of its unique philanthropic initiatives.

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