Single Cell sequencing and analysis plateform

The Single cell sequencing platform provides to researchers qualified scientists in both molecular biology and bioinformatics to allow a complete single cell pipeline from libraries production to data analysis.

The Single cell sequencing technology gives quantitative information on each individual cell of a sample, as opposed to bulk sequencing strategies which only provide cell population averages. Such a resolution gives the power to isolate sub-group of cells in an unbiased manner and to characterize them with respect to a given condition and/or the other cell groups present in the microenvironment.

The technology will hence allow you to grasp cell-to-cell differences to unmask the true cellular heterogeneity in your samples. This could be done at the genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic and chromatin level, or else by combining genomic/transcriptomic to proteomic.

The Single cell sequencing platform at CHU Ste Justine Research Center is indeed the only one in Quebec to offer the Tapestri multi-omics technology which allows single cell assessment of both genotype and phenotype.


  • 10X genomics Chromium controller
  • Tapestri


Consulting service to initiate a project

Main sequencing services:

  • Single cell RNAseq (3’ GEX) : Single cell RNAseq which allows assessment of gene expression dynamics and molecular profiling of sub-groups of cells.
  • CITE-seq and Multiplexing libraries (Feature barcoding libraries) : uses cell surface proteins (also lipids for multiplexing protocols) to either assess cell surface protein expression (CITE-seq) or to combine several samples and reduce costs (multiplexing)
  • Single cell assay for transposase element (ATAC) : Uncovers open regions of chromatin, genome-wide, at the single cell level.
  • Both CITE-seq and ATAC-seq can be combined with 3’ GEX to correlate mRNA to protein and chromatin state to mRNA, respectively, in order to gain insights into regulation of gene expression.
  • Single Cell immune profiling (V(D)J and 5’ GEX) : allows to reveal T and B cell clonal diversity, as well as V(D)J recombination. When coupled with 5’ gene expression measurements, provides high resolution insights into the adaptive immune system. 
  • Tapestri : allows true multi-omics with simultaneous detection of SNVs, CNVs, and cell-surface proteins at the single-cell level.
  • Data analysis services : we propose a wide range of analysis services depending on your needs, depth of analysis to be discussed at consultation.

*** The single cell field is in constant and rapid evolution, hence this list of services is not exhaustive. If you have projects that require other technics, we are interested to hear from you as this will give us the opportunity to enrich our pipeline ***


Academic, pharmaceutical or biotechnology industries interested in Single cell sequencing and analysis services

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