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Recruitment of children with mental deficiency

A team of scientists from CHU Sainte-Justine is currently undertaking an important study on the causes of mental deficiency. This problem remains one of the most difficult to solve in the field of medicine. In fact, specialists are unable to identify these causes in over 50% of patients.

We now give you the opportunity to participate in this project

We would like to contact the parents of children aged 5 and over who are afflicted with a mental deficiency of unknown origin.
The deficiency must have been confirmed by a psychologist. Premature children, or children who have suffered significative problems during pregnancy or birth, are not eligible. As well, children whose both biological parents are unavailable cannot participate in this study.

About this study

This study will focus on the role of synapses in the development of mental deficiency. Synapses represent the place where contact is made and information is transmitted between two neurons. A malfunction of these connections is found in a significantly large fraction of individuals with mental deficiency.
This large scale study will involve the analysis of 500 genes which are key to the development of synapses in 700 children or adults – something which has never been done before in the field of genetics.

How the project will unfold

Once we have received your registration form duly filled out, Mrs. Christine Massicotte, Nurse and Research Coordinator, will contact you by phone over the next few weeks in order to explain the nature of the project and to answer your questions. She will also gather information on your child and determine whether or not he/she is eligible to participate in the study. You will then be able to decide whether you wish to take part in our project or not. Your participation is on a voluntary basis.

Should you decide to take part in the project, a sample of approximately 15 ml (about 3 teaspoons) of blood will be taken through venipuncture from the child and, if possible, from the parents as well. This blood sampling procedure can be performed at CHU Sainte-Justine, or at a CLSC in your area which our nurse will contact. We might also offer you a consultation with a Sainte-Justine specialist (geneticist or other), in order to ensure a more thorough examination and also possibly to follow-up with your child.

The team

Main researchers

  • Jacques Michaud, m.d., Geneticist
  • Grant Mitchell, m.d., Geneticist
  • Elsa Rossignol, m.d., Neurologist
  • Fadi Hamdan, Ph.D., Researcher

Research project coordinator

  • Christine Massicotte, nurse

Contact us

To obtain additional information about this research project, please contact:

Mrs. Christine Massicotte
Nurse and Research Coordinator
(514) 345-4931 ext. 3209

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