Clinical Research Units

Clinical Research Group - Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (CRG-PICU)

Unit Presentation

The CRG-PICU is made up of pediatric intensivists and investigators who have set up a multidisciplinary team that serves as a research platform to study children and adults in intensive care. The group’s main objective is to conduct studies that will advance knowledge on respiratory assistance, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, pharmacology, patient outcome, as well as clinical, palliative and terminal care. The research will have a positive impact on the quality of care given to intensive care patients.

The group provides Master’s, doctoral and postdoctoral training and liaises with the Blood Transfusion Research Group (RGBT).


Membership and collaboration

Joannie Blanchette, BSc Pharmacology, MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences
Clinical Research Assistant
Tel.: 514-345-4931, Ext. 6343

Pascal J. Brabant, RN
Clinical Research Consultant (Monitoring)
Tel.: 514-531-3936

Elena Caraman
Senior Research Clerk
Tel.: 514-345-4931, Ext. 3873

Lucy Clayton, BSc Microbiology, MSc Microbiology
Project Manager
Tel.: 514-345-4931, Ext. 6343

Thierry Ducruet, MSc Biostatistics
Tel.: 514-345-4931, Ext. 7241

Mariana Dumitrascu, foreign MD (Romania)
Clinical Research Assistant
Tel.: 514-345-4931, Ext. 6648

Liliana Gomez Cardona, MSc Anthropology
PhD student en Anthropology

Isabelle Grisoni, Graduate Nurse (France)
Clinical Research Assistant
Tel.: 514-345-4931, Ext. 2760

Jeannette Hernandez
Administrative Research Assistant
Tel.: 514-345-4931, Ext. 4133

Patrice Hernet, Eng. PhD
Information Systems Consultant

Abbas Kerim-Dikeni, Foreign MD (Serbia)
Project Manager
Tel.: 514-345-4931, Ext. 6343

Noémie Loron-Nguyen Ngoc, Foreign MD (France)
Clinical Research Assistant
Tel.: 514-345-4931, Ext. 4132

Caroline Proulx-Clerc, Graduate Nurse (Switzerland)
Clinical Research Assistant
Tel.: 514-345-4931, Ext. 2760

Nicole Poitras, BSc Biology, DAP (graduate degree in public administration)
Senior Project Manager, Team Leader
Tel.: 514-345-4931, Ext. 2157

Ferima Sanogo, BSc Biology, MSc Health Administration
Clinical Research Assistant
Tel.: 514-345-4931, Ext. 2760

Maggy Wassef, MSc Health Technology
Research Assistant

Fellows and students

  • Fahad Alsohine
  • David Brossier
  • Laurence Ducharme-Crevier
  • Geneviève Dupont-Thibodeau
  • Alexandrine Larouche
  • Florent Baudin
  • Geneviève Morissette
  • Justine Rouette
  • Nadia Roumeliotis
  • Mickael Sauthier
  • Andréanne Villeneuve
  • Jean-Sébastien Tremblay Roy
  • Nesrine Zaglam

Significant clinical research publications

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