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Rehabilitation Clinical Research Unit (UReCA)

Unit Presentation

The Rehabilitation Clinical Research Unit (UReCA) is an interdisciplinary group of researchers, physicians and rehabilitation professionals from the Marie Enfant Rehabilitation Center (CRME) whose mandate is to contribute to the development and promotion of research related to children and teenagers living with a motor or language impairment in order to provide greater autonomy, so they can be successful in everyday life through an optimal social integration and social participation.


  • Gait Analysis Laboratory
  • Communication Laboratory
  • Movement and Cognition Laboratory
  • Speech Laboratory
  • Robotics Laboratory

Training programs

MENTOR – CIHR Training Program in Mobility and Posture Disorders

MÉDITIS – NSERC Training Program in Biomedical Technology



Membership and collaboration

Associate Researchers
Royle, Phaedra
Trudeau, Natacha
Valiquette, Christine

Research Coordinator
Roxane Bernier, MSc, DEA Sociology
Development and Promotion – Pediatric Rehabilitation
Ph.: (514) 345-4931, Ext. 8122

Postdoctoral Fellows
Auvinet, Édouard
Bourguignon, Nicolas
Dal Maso, Fabien
Turgeon, Christine
Veilleux, Louis-Nicolas

Significant clinical research publications

  1. Ballaz, L., Huffenus, A-F., Lamarre, C., Koclas, L. & Lemay, M. (2012). Effects of forced use therapy on posture in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy: A pilot study. Journal of Rehabilitation Medecine, 44(3):268-71.
  2. Ballaz L., Plamondon, S. & Lemay, M. (2011). Group aquatic training improves gait efficiency in adolescents with cerebral palsy. Disability and Rehabilitation, 33(17-18):1616-24.
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  4. Fortin C., Ehrmann Feldman, D., Cheriet, F. & Labelle, H. (2011). Clinical methods for quantifiying body segment posture: A literature review. Disability and Rehabilitation, 33(15):367-383.
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  6. Frossard, L., Cheze, L. & Dumas, R. (2011). Dynamic input to determine hip joint moments, power and work on the prosthetic limb of transfemoral amputees: Ground reactions vs knee reactions. Prosthetics and Orthotics International, 35(2):140-50.
  7. Laberge, M., Vézina, N., Calvet, B., Lévesque, S. & Vézina-Nadon, L. (2012). Supervision of apprentices in semiskilled trades and OHS: Differences between program stipulations and workplace realities. Industrial Relations, 67(2):199-219.
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